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It's been a busy enough January that the relative emptiness of this… - Round and round it goes [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 23rd, 2010|10:04 pm]
It's been a busy enough January that the relative emptiness of this weekend feels really strange. It's also been busy enough that it seems like a good time to update!

After starting the month in Rhode Island, where I'd just sung New Year's Eve away with Johanna's very extended family, I returned to Brookline for just over a week. And then it was off to Hudson for...

Write Those Winter Blues Away, an overnight writing retreat with Sandy and Brittany. It's a simple but effective concept, really: get together and away from the rest of life, spend some time writing and some time talking about it, and do some chatting and eating and playing in between. We had a great time, and my head's been in better writing space since.

The next weekend was The Weekend of Everything. Sarah, Elizabeth, Becka, and Johanna came to town, the original impetus for their visit being the Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science. We saw that, the Mapparium, and various eateries around Boston, and had a really great time together. Some of the group also went to other classic Bostonian sites while others experienced Boston at its childlittiest (which is saying a lot). I was able to renew a few old connections at ALA and the Simmons reunion event, and enjoyed Newberies and Blueberries at Brittany and Emily's.

Thank you, everyone who's been part of my January!

Current book: Letters to Wendy's, by Joe Wenderoth. (Blame my sister. Also, I wonder if he changed his name to match the title.)

[User Picture]From: fuzzybluemonkey
2010-01-24 04:36 pm (UTC)
Haha, I know what ALA is because I am a dork. Also, Jody at work went, too. Does that mean you are a member?
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[User Picture]From: flaxeloquent
2010-01-25 01:11 am (UTC)
Nope, I'm not a member (of the American Library Association, in case anyone reading is puzzled). But there were reasonable "exhibits only" tickets available, and there were plenty of things and people to see, as well as galleys to snag.
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